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vRuddhi-Manufacturing product offers the following capabilities:

· Conduct diagnosis study on overall business health.

· It provides performance entitlement and streamlining analytics which lets user understand where are we currently standing and where we want to go, target will help understand anything beyond the same is defect and also help decide goal for individual projects.   

· The high level monitoring system provides a clear vision of business performance which identifies the trends of performance output and enables better controls on the company operations.

· This enables the user to identify the gaps in performance.

· The monitoring system provides scorecards and dashboard which generates timely alerts also across client configurable hierarchy.

· The powerful BI reporting lets user have a strong visualization capabilities at granular levels with the help of Pursue-Lens module.

· Ability for top management to see ground level performance with the help of fingertip 24/7 through the flagship module – Review-in-Elevator.